Protecting your Investment



  • Membership — Every Owner of a Lot in Heron Creek shall be a Member of the Association.
  • Maintenance of Open Space — The Association shall maintain all Common Areas.
  • Initial Assessment – Each Owner shall be assessed a one-time initial assessment, of $400.00.
  • Wastewater Treatment System Connection Fee –$5,000
  • Monthly Assessment – $25 per month; Septic System, Parks, Ponds and Trails.
  • Rural Improvement District –$16 per month; Fire Protection, Roads, Snow removal.
  • Well Connection Fee – $5,000.


  • Residential Use – For single family residential purposes only.
  • Residential Lease or Rent — Any Owner may lease or rent his or her Heron Creek residence.
  • Commercial Use — No commercial use.
  • Building Types & Sizes — No manufactured homes, and no modular buildings of any type.
    Village Lots                   Total footprint of finished area or total finished house (1000 SF)
    Loop Lots                      Total footprint of finished area (1500 SF) or total finished house (2400 SF)
    Estate Lots                    Total footprint of finished area (1800 SF) or total finished house (3000 SF)
  • Visual Harmony — Buildings shall be aesthetically compatible with one another and shall harmonize visibly with the natural environment.
  • Colors — Only neutral, non-stark colors and earth tones.
  • Garages and Ancillary Structures — Two or more car garage required. All outbuildings and garages must coordinate with the main residence.
  • Driveways — Driveways shall be paved from the street to the garage.
  • Fencing and Privacy Screens — No fencing shall extend past the front of the house. All fencing shall be of subdued natural colors.
  • Time for Completion of Construction — Shall be completed within 18 months.
  • Landscaping Timeline – The front of all Lots must be landscaped at the time of construction with installation of timed underground sprinklers and/or drip irrigation when possible.
  • Domestic Animals — Animals are limited to those commonly accepted as house pets.
  • Propane Tanks—All propane tanks must be of the buried variety.


  • Architectural Review – Review all designs as they relate to the covenants, to create and maintain a high-quality neighborhood, to protect property values, and harmonize visibly with the natural environment.
  • The Architectural Review — $750.00 fee with a $1,500 refundable deposit.
  • Design Standards — »The Architectural Review Committee shall publish Design Standards and Procedures.

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